FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1.    What types of products do you sell?

Answer: We, Habib Electronics Dream, are one of the most prestigious names in the electronics market in Bangladesh today. We sell a broad range of products. We are the best place for buying a Home appliance in Bangladesh. We also offer the lowest TV price in Bangladesh.

2.    What is the best TV that you have?

Answer: The quality of our televisions vary in quality and price.  However, we provide a diverse choice to you, and we guarantee that you shall get the right TV based on your preference and abilities at Habib Electronics Dream


3.    Are the products you Habib Electronics Dream reliable?

Answer: We take our customers’ satisfaction very seriously, and we have a reputation to maintain. Therefore, we make sure that only the hundred percent genuine and tested products are sold. If you can prove the existence of any fake item in our inventory, then we shall reward you with 1 lac taka instantly.


4.    Why should I choose Habib Electronics Dream?

Answer: Habib Electronics Dream is a reputed brand for electronics in Bangladesh. We sell the best Samsung TV in Bangladesh, and you get the best TV price in Bangladesh at our store. We also sell all kinds of electronic appliances starting from sound systems to AC. In short Habib Electronics Dream offers great collection and lowest possible price. All our products are original and from reputed international brands. You cannot find any duplicate, fake or replica product at our shop.


5.    Can I place an order over the phone?

Answer: If you do not want to come physically, you can place an order over the phone.

6.    Do you offer online support?

Answer: We offer a 24/7 online customer support. Any problem, anytime – feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is our pride.